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Thermal Infrared Down-link to Incident Command

Live operate aerial IR - EO 26x zoom from fire camp

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Greetings, Courtney Aviation is focusing our 30+ years of aerial fire fighting experience on bringing new leading edge tools to the job of wildland fire suppression. NASA spin-off technology coupled with off-the-shelf products allows our planes to do more than ever. Already known for high quality service, exceptional pilots and a team attitude, we now see more and communicate it real-time to those who need it.   Sincerely, Hart B. Drobish (president)

Wildfire Air Attack Supervision & Reconnaissance

Six aircraft in Central California ready for immediate deployment anywhere in the US:

Prop-Jet Aero Commander 690A, 7 passengers, 315 mph or 5.5 hours, Turbine,Pressurized, Trainee Seat, Repeater,  Infrared, AirBorne GIS, Satellite Phone & data - three planes available

 Turbo Aero Commander 500B Shrike: 6 passengers, twin engine speed, 6.5 hour, Trainee Seat, Repeater,  Infrared, AirBorne GIS, Satellite Phone & data duration - one plane available

Helio Super Courier HT295:  5 passengers, extreme slow flight slats, STOL, 10 hours aloft, Trainee Seat, Repeater,  Infrared, AirBorne GIS, Satellite Phone & data - one plane available


All planes are agency carded Type 1+ Air Attack Platforms, and are equipped with:

-         Redundant IFR with TCAS/TCAD to Multi-Function Display (MFD)

-         Satellite: Telephone, email map data while flying and AFF tracking

-         3 or more AM VHF com radios

-    3 or more FM com radios (NAT) with simulcast repeater system

-         3 Individual audio panels - one for each person including an ATGS  trainee position


Additional hi-tech equipment to meet the demands of each fire mission:

            -   Powerful Touch Screen moving-map topos with daily fire data overlayed (fire lines, dozer tracks, drop points, division breaks, etc.)

- Ability to transmit GIS map data and photos real-time to the ground -  Thermal InfaRed sees through smoke and at night


Available upon request:

-      Gyro Stabilized video with target tracking and extreme zoom

-      Real-time transmission of video (HD or standard) to the ground - 70 mile range


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