690a Commander


N57112 - N4717V - N848CE

Air Attack Type 1+ Passenger Transport

- SPEED: 315 MPH

- ENDURANCE: 5.5 hours

- CABIN CAPACITY: 7 Passengers

- Infrared & Color Superzoom gimbal with downlink streaming video


- Turbine Powered Performance
- 4 Aircraft Band AM Radios (Transceivers)

- 4 NAT FM Radios (Transceivers)

- Global Positioning System (GPS) Approach Approved

- Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS 1)

- Terrain Awareness Warning System (TAWS)

- Automatic Flight Following (AFF)

- Multifunction Display (MFD) Moving Map

- 6 Channel Audio Annunciator Panel (ACS 296)  

- 4 Radio Airborne Repeater System: Bridges the initial communications gap on larger incidents. Allows four different transceivers to simulcast at the same time or serve as an airborne repeater (like a mountain top portable repeater, but in the air). 




- Infrared persistence surveillance for pilot and Air Attack
- Infrared on gyro stabilized gimbal with hands-off fire line tracking
- Color with 28X zoom. Gyro stabilized. Locks on hands-off to coordinates, scenes or moving objects
- Moving-map with GIS fire overlays sync'd to exact position of video on split screen
- Easy to use Touch interface (touch map or video for lock on). Or, your choice of Keyboard, Mouse, Joystick or Stylus
- Streaming live video continuous to iPhones, Androids, Laptops 
- Ground overlaid snapshots to iPhones, Androids, Laptops. Retardant targets and drops sent live
- Aircraft GPS position transmitted live to moving map on the ground (1 sec updates)
- Third Audio Panel Trainee Station 
      * Allows ATGS trainer/trainee access to all communications
- Satellite Phone and packet communications of fire perimeters to the ground
      * Nationwide local detail down to fire roads 
      * Allows for accurate fire mapping
- Gyro Stabilized Binoculars
- High Definition Video (1920x1080), optical stabilized. 
- 15 Mega Pixel camera on continuous intervalometer
- Real-time Aviation Weather & XM Radio by Satellite
- Additional pilot's GPS unit with moving-map, weather overlays and terrain/road names (Garmin 396)
- Boise to Albuquerque 678 miles 2.0 hours
- Fresno to Denver 860 miles 3.0 hours
- Seattle to Dallas 1439 miles 5.0 hours
* PropJet Engines make this aircraft powerful, fast and quiet.  Perfect to transport a group in comfort to anywhere in the nation.
* Proven Air Attack Platform in Southern California, the worlds most complex aerial fire environment
* Able to transport two Boise Radio Caches anywhere in the west in hours
* Avionics exceed all requirements for any agency's specifications
* From years of air attack experience, extra equipment has been installed to provide a top-of-the-line fire aircraft.

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