About Courtney Aviation

Courtney Aviation Inc

We at Courtney Aviation, Inc. would like to say hello to all of our friends and co-workers involved with the Federal Wildland Fire Aviation Programs. 

This year we look forward to once again honoring our commitment of providing quality aircraft and personnel for the aerial firefighting effort with a larger selection of equipment. We would like to take this opportunity to present the goals that drive our company as well as the aircraft we have available.
Our Goals

To continue to provide and improve a quality sustainable business with the ability to operate and maintain high quality aircraft flown by experienced, highly trained and motivated pilots. Our desire is to continue living up to our motto of "Big enough to deliver, small enough to care".

To assist the aerial wildland firefighting effort as we have since 1967. We believe that this is best accomplished through a team effort between ourselves as the contractor and federal employees. Innovation and idealism between us will make us an even more effective fire resource.

Hart Drobish, President & Pilot

of Courtney Aviation, Inc.

Our Aircraft

The Aero Commander has become known as the most desired aircraft for the Air Attack mission. We are able to offer three Turbine Commanders and one Turbo-charged 500B outfitted with best avionics on the market.
We also offer our Helio Super Courier. This unique, super-slow flying Helio Courier H-295 can quickly fly to station and then loiter on for up to 10 hours.  Or, land nearby on a small strip between missions and complete a second full mission without refueling.  Like all of our planes it is fully equipped with the latest avionics and technology.
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