Aerial Hi-Tech

Courtney Aviation assembles the best technology available to complete fire missions including avionics and more:

Two Infrared Systems per plane:

Side Looking Infrared
Infrared: Long heralded as breakthrough technology for fire fighting, good IR cameras have become so inexpensive that here is no reason not to install one on every Air Attack plane.  Installation & FAA certification are also easy, and so is usage.  Fixed mounted side looking infrared (SLIR) sees through the smoke and dark. SLIR requires no training or 3rd person board.  It is so easy that on the first flight both the Air Attack and pilot will become completely functional.

IR, EO with 26X zoom
Thermal InfraRed and Extreme Zoom video with target tracking come together in a single gyro stabilized gimbal on the aircraft belly.  These cameras are a major leap forward for firefighting and surveillance.  From thousands of feet up, objects can be zoomed-in up close and tracked.  Without both stabilization and auto-target tracking it would be impossible to hold the image fix.  This allows fixed wing aircraft to do jobs previously reserved for helicopters.
                                                                    Click photo for YouTube Video

Full live video transmission up to 100 miles distance over Mesh Network:
Television quality video can be transmitted real time to about 70 miles.  As seen on the evening news eye-in-the-sky, this capability allows ground personnel to follow along with missions, whether firefighting, surveillance, law enforcement, environmental monitoring, etc..  And, it is even possible for the ground personnel to control the aircraft's gimbal camera systems.

10 Voice Radios: Four AM (aircraft) and Four FM (public services band 138-174 MHz and digital P25) transceivers, satellite and Voice-over-IP (VoIP):

Radio Repeater: Every aircraft has a NAT CC450 Simulcast Repeater allowing any combination of the AM or FM radios to be repeated just like a mountain top repeater.  As an airborne repeater station, people in a canyon beyond line-of-sight can communicate on command frequencies.
Every fire can use an airborne repeater in the first few days.  Prior to hilltop repeaters placement, any Courtney aircraft can be over the incident with hours of phone call.  Al radio communications will get through from the deepest canyons.

 Audio mixing panels are available each plane has three audio panels so the pilot, right seat and back seat trainee can individually access (transmit/receive) any unique mix of the above radios.

Iridium Satellite phones in every plane also allow for discreet conversations, AFF flight following and real-time transmission of data to the ground.

Hi-rez Photos: High resolution 28 mega pixel can take continuous photographs sequenced by an intervalometer every1 second throughout the flight. Photo can be overlayed on topos.

Ortho Mosaics :In post flight analysis each 28 Mega Pixel photo can be enlarged just as if you would have zoomed-in during flight.  The flight can be replayed using the GPS track so it is almost like being there.

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