Airborne Repeaters


Airborne Radio Repeater System

AM and FM 4 channel repeater.

  • Ties 3 FM 138 Mhz to 174 Mhz analogue and Digital (wide/narrow band including Marine Band) APCO P25 approved transceivers, coupled to 1 AM aircraft band 118 Mhz to 137 Mhz transceiver.

  • System provides the capability to make the aircraft a repeater for radio transmissions over long distances, 200+ miles Provides important function in the Gulf spill mission of cross band repeating. FM to AM translation, ie. marine band FM is repeated out on aircraft band AM. On Station duration of 5 Hours


    The heart of the system is an NAT (Northern Airborne Technologies) CC450 Simulcast/Repeater control box couples FM and AM transceivers. Specifically this means a transmission received on an aircraft band AM radio can be retransmitted simultaneously on an FM transceiver over long distances. This would allow a non-marine band equipped airplane to talk with a ship on a marine band frequency. This process is of course reversible, ie. the marine band is cross band repeated on the aircraft band as well.