Hot Rocks IR

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 Tactical Color Infrared for Air Attacks

Hot Afternoons, Smoke, Inversion and Night

Courtney Aviation has developed special InfraRed to distinguish hot sun baked rocks from wildfire. Normally afternoon IR can't distinguish sun heated ground from fire, but newly developed color thresholds have broken though this sunshine barrier.

Unknown Spotfire on Oak Flat fire discovered a mile out, previously hidden from air and ground crews. IR is extremely easy to use - the whole system turns on with plane's master switch.

No extra operator or training is needed. Courtney's IR is so easy that it works the very first time an ATGS (Air Attack Group Supervisor) sees it. No training is needed for immediate effectiveness. IR video/photos can also be recorded or transmitted real-time to the ground.
At night Airborne GIS and IR allow safe and legal operation into the midnight. No user controls makes it as easy to use at night as during the day
Although capable of strategic mapping, don't confuse how valuable IR is tactically. Think about headlights or landing light - not always needed, but when they are, you don't go without. In the same thought, headlights can bring strategic value to mapping, but first you must see where you're going.
Inversion or columns laying down, IR keeps a clear view. Completely passive to the ATGS, the pilot points the IR and windows by steering the plane.
As with all IR, firefighting continues when fire is obscured by smoke or dark making it routine to now legally work at night and through impenetrable inversions.
Cold water drops and retardant show up dark. You can guide helicopters that you can't see under the smoke.