Monitoring and Surveilance

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Courtney Aviation is bringing a new era to aerial surveillance, tracking and monitoring.  Wtih todays high tech gimbaled video IR heads, views from higher and quieter in  our  fixed wing aircraft allow us to do a better job..

With extreme zoom video stabilized on a 360 degree gamble our fixed wing aircraft can stay high and relatively out of sight.  Auto-target tracking allows us to fly comfortably out of ear shot while still seeing detail on the ground.


Our Helio Super Courier can quickly fly to a site, slow to under 40 mph, and stay aloft for over 10 hours (federal regulations requires two pilots over 8 hours).  Advantages include: 150 MPH enroute speed, extended fuel duation while on station, low noise footprint, ability to operate out of football field length uniproved airstrips.


Our Aero Commanders are excellent for offshore operations, mountainous terrain at night or long distance missions.  We can arrive to a scene at over 300 mph, and then slow to 100, and still stay be station for over 6 hours.
Also available are Cessna Turbo 210, Cessna 206 and Cessna 182


Emergencies - Homeland Security – Law enforcement – News TV – Environmental Monitoring