Trainee Seat

ATGS Training Seat in all Type 1 aircraft
AATT now available!
Training is fundamental to becoming an ATGS, and it is not easy to achieve.  As with our pilots, Courtney Aviation wants to facilitate the best training experience possible.  All of our Air Attack platforms are designed for a trainee to join the crew on real fire mission, and progress quickly.
N4717V Jet-Prop Commander 690
Every Courtney Aviation Air Attack platform has special seats optimized for ATGS training.  Some planes have additional radios and dedicated Multi Function Displays (MFD).  All planes have a trainee audio panel to select each/all aircraft radios for listening and transmitting.
 Newest AATT (Air Attack Training Technology) trainee station in N4717V
Courtney Aviation strives to improve the training experience for quick progress.  All planes allow for great spatial awareness with superb visibility from high wing aircraft.  Our newest AATT (Air Attack Training Technology) station  brings a new level of capability to the back seat.  AATT includes dedicated equipment:
   1) MFD (Multi Function Display) tied to moving-map aircraft maps with.
   2) TCAS (Traffic Collision Avoidance System) display on MFD
   3) Apollo GX60 moving map GPS.
   4) Com 4 AM radio (VHF aviation) radio in the back
   5) NAT (Northern Airborne Technology) NPX 138 FM 4 Radio in the back.
   6) NAT Audio panel for listening and/or transmitting on all aircraft radios and intercom. 
   7) Audio transmission and receive indicator lights
All of this is in addition to full Type 1 ATGS equipment in the front seat.
Additional human-aiding technology on all Courtney aircraft:
   1) Moving-map Topo with detailed ground cultural features and road names.
   2) Ability to import GIS overlays from daily fire maps.
   3) Continuous High Definition Video with full aircraft audio (radios and intercom) for reviewing training missions.
 Two 500B Turbo Commanders and a 690 Jet-Prop Commander with this configuration
 Typical Trainee Audio Panel
Helio Super Courier H295
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