Air Bed - Charter for the Immobile

Air Transport for Aging & Disabled Passengers
Good Care, More Flexibility and Fraction the Cost
Courtney Aviation offers a wide range of aircraft for transporting impaired people, sitting or laying flat.  We have prop-jet planes down to specialized STOL (short takeoff and landing) aircraft . We provide a high quality and cost effective service. <<under construction>>
* Servicing the Western US from mid-California
* Wide range of Aircraft to meet needs, comfort, speed and budgets
* Safer, Quicker, Healthier, More Comfortable than ground transport
* Much Less Expensive than long distance Ambulance, Ground or Air
* Available  24 / 7 / 365
 <<under construction>>
 ¼ or less the cost of an Air Ambulance.  Why?
  • Right plane for the right job.  We have pressurized prop-jet aircraft, but often smaller is better
  • Central location servicing the Western US reduces long ferry times to pick people up
  • Fly into nearby small landing fields when desired
  • Flexible flight times to reduce weather cost
  • Not urgent care, medi-vac nor emergency medical service. Medical Patients must be doctor approved
  • Relative or friend can fly along at no cost instead of hiring an attendant
    • Medically licensed attendants can be hired if desired 
- All weather, upto 315 mph, day or night
- Aviation Oxygen
- Large or small passengers can lay flat or sit
- Stretcher-gurney in aircraft for lying flat
- Extensive Radios with data transfer to a hospital
- Satellite Phone for the patient to make reassuring call
- Ground transport or Ambulance coordinated
- In flight meals on longer trips
- Generous baggage allowance, Pets allowed
- Specialize in the Western US
 Courtney Aviation is a full service Air Charter service under strict FAA Part 135 
<<under construction>> Contact us: Courtney Aviation  209-532-2345